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What is GIIN ? GIIN stands for Glocal Iintermediary Iidentification Number. GIIN is something similar to tax identification number assigned to individual tax payer. GIINs are assigned by IRS ( Internal Revenue Service ) to Foreign financial institutions , withholding agents, and sponsoring entities. How… Read more >

FATCA Guide for Compliance Officers – Part 1

Security and compliance has becoming increasingly important for every organization. The corporate world has realized the significance and started appointing CSOs and CCOs from early 2002, especially after the accounting scandals in year 2000 that started the whole Serbians-Oxley saga.Chief Security Officer… Read more >

FATCA and Senate Bill S66

On March 4, 2015, Senator Rand Paul (R) Kentucky, introduced Senate Bill S66, a bill that amends the Internal Revenue Code with respect to withholding requirements for payments to foreign financial institutions, reporting for foreign financial assets, penalties for undisclosed… Read more >