Former Pakistan Government Official Suspected in Money Laundering Case

Former Pakistan government official, Farhan Junejo, who was arrested by the National Crime Agency (NCA) after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) alleged that he had laundered approximately Rs 180 to 250 million, has been released after the FIA failed to connect the money to corruption or other illicit crimes.

When Junejo served as Director to Makhdoom Ameen Faheem, former Minister for Commerce in Pakistan for the People’s Party from 2009 to 2012, the FIA strongly believed that Junejo utilized his government position in order to acquire and accumulate huge assets through corrupt practices and laundered the illicit funds from Pakistan to Dubai and into the accounts of his family members.

Farhan Junejo is currently under investigation by the NCA, however as requested by the Pakistan government, cannot be charged by police and will instead be charged by the Crime Prosecution Service (CPS).


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