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Changes Being Made to Enhance Safety in Cross-Border Wire Payments

Are Policy and Safety Enhancements Enough to Make Cross-Border Payments a Game Changer in Today’s Marketplace? Cross-border payment systems provide businesses with a way to internationally manage their money just as if they were local in each individual country.  This… Read more >

eBay and PayPal Used to Allegedly Help Fund Terrorists

“This case demonstrates how terrorists exploit modern technology to inculcate sympathizers and build hidden networks, but federal agents and prosecutors are working tirelessly and using every available lawful tool to disrupt their evil schemes.”  ~ U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein… Read more >

Amazon Faces Federal Investigation for Selling Goods to Iranian Officials

If an eCommerce giant like Amazon is unable to flag illegal sales to terrorists for five years, how are other eCommerce businesses managing their trade compliance? Amazon.com, Inc. (“Amazon”) (AMZN), the Seattle based electronic commerce (eCommerce) conglomerate, is currently involved… Read more >

AML Compliance Gets Serious In the EU

The European Union is becoming more strict about enforcement of anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations utilizing its new directive (AMLD4) to manage risks of money laundering, crime organizations, and terrorism especially in areas of high vulnerability such as crowdfunding… Read more >